How to Grill Breakfast: Tips from Barbecue Experts

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Everyone loves to grill burgers and brats but what about bacon and eggs? Breakfast is another reason to fire up the grill and provides an ideal opportunity to start your summer morning on the right burner.

Barbecuing your breakfast is a delicious and hassle-free way to enjoy the long summer days. We challenge you to try making breakfast staples over the open flame.

Never grilled your breakfast before? Here are a few tips from top grilling experts to get you started.

  1. “Prep your breakfast ingredients the night before, so when you wake up, all you have to do is fire up the grill and go!” – Matt PittmanMeat Church BBQ
  2. “Bacon. Grill bacon for breakfast. Everyone loves bacon but who likes the mess of cooking it indoors? I cook bacon on the grill in a cast iron skillet or a disposable lasagna pan all year long. It cooks evenly and quickly, and the mess is minimal. Just don’t place bacon directly on the grates because it may start your grill on fire.”  – Elizabeth Karmel, and
  3. “Classic dishes taste even better on the grill. One example: shrimp and grits. There are endless variations of this classic combo, but one of the best is the grilled version. To make it, wrap bacon around shrimp (add a sliver of jalapeño if you like) and spear shrimp on a water-soaked wooden skewer. Put the skewers over hot coals until the bacon is crisp and serve shrimp on top of spicy cheese grits.” – Robb Walsh, author of the Hot Sauce Cookbook
  4. “Use a cast iron skillet to cook eggs, breakfast casseroles or even cinnamon buns while you grill your protein directly on your grill grates to fully maximize your grilling space.” – Robyn Lindars, Grill Girl
  5. “There are so many delicious dishes you can grill or even smoke for breakfast. Helpful tools include a large cast iron skillet, a griddle, spatula, tongs and skewers. A few of my favorite ideas: Use last night’s leftover BBQ in a hash. Meat, potatoes, onion, bell peppers: The sky’s the limit. Top it off with a nice runny egg. Griddle everything from pancakes and bacon to grilled breakfast sandwiches. One of my favorite grilled breakfast treats is fruit kabobs. Insider tip: Try smoking peaches and drizzling them with honey for a winning combo.” – Bobbi Burleson, Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen 

Fire up the grill and get to cooking these delicious breakfast barbecue recipes! Then, share a pic of your dish using #BarbecueBreakfast on social media.

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