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Carolina, KC, Memphis, Texas: The debate over the best regional barbecuing technique is never-ending. But this is a big country – what about the lesser known styles?

This 4th of July, to honor this great nation united by a love for grilling out, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association is spotlighting the less celebrated, but equally delicious, regional approaches to outdoor grilling – Alabama, California, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

“Americans in all regions love to barbecue, with 73% planning to grill on July 4,” said Emily McGee, Director – Communications, HPBA. “As we celebrate the most popular grilling day of the year, we at HPBA also want to encourage backyard grillers to try their hand at the less well-known regional styles of barbecue.”

This summer, experiment with these four barbecue styles from four different regions of the country:

  1. Alabama: A barbecue style influenced by both Texas and Carolina, Alabama barbecue is all about meaty pulled pork sandwiches topped with the infamous white sauce. Grill Alabama-style by barbecuing mounds of pulled pork. Sandwich the pork between grilled bread and top with a homemade white sauce made by combining mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon, and seasonings.
  2. California: Known as Santa Maria-style, this barbecue method is named after its home in the Santa Maria Valley in Central California. Grill like a Californian by seasoning beef tri-tip with black pepper, salt, and garlic. Then grill the tri-tip quickly over a high heat, the exact opposite of the traditional “low and slow” method.
  3. Kentucky: This Bluegrass State is most famous for mutton (sheep) barbecue. Backyard barbecuers can experiment with Kentucky-style by grilling mutton and serving it with a Worcestershire dipping sauce.
  4. Oklahoma: Oklahoma’s proximity to Texas and Kansas City means it combines these popular barbecue techniques to create its own unique style. Try Oklahoma style barbecue in your backyard by first making a traditional Kansas City tomato-based sauce. Next grill Texas-style meat like brisket, ribs, and pork and finish by slathering juicy meat with tangy sauce.

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