#WhyIGrill For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is one of the most popular grilling days when 45% plan to grill. Are you going to fire up for Dad? We asked our followers on social media to share #WhyIGrill for Dad. Here’s what they said.

“My father is an incredible human being. He has taught me hard work through his tireless efforts which included 36 years in the Air Force serving his country, the birth of life of his three children and his loving marriage of 30+ years. Everyone who meets him or knows him always gets the greatest of impressions from him. All my friends and even strangers I run into always ask me, “Where’s Robbie? I love that guy.” For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be just like him. I look up to him in every way possible. I’ve since joined the Air Force to continue the legacy. Most of all, he has instilled a deep love and value of family and what it means to me. I’ve never been so unconditionally loved by a person (of course my mom too). I truly cherish every minute and moment I get to spend with him, and I cannot wait to be home after being gone since December 4th for basic military training and technical school. You are so loved @rsboy1477  Thank you for all you do, Dad! #WhyIGrill” – @nickschultz24

“During my childhood, my dad grilled almost every weekend in the summer. 🙌🏻 From steaks to burgers, he grilled it all! 😋 So for Father’s Day, I grill for my dad in honor of our family tradition and to give him a much needed treat/break! #WhyIGrill” – @beautyandbites

“my hero (Dad) is the best man i know. he has taught me to work for everything i want/need. he is the funniest person to everyone he meets and talks to. he owns his own business and would love this pack! he would always grill when i was younger until i became a chef in the Airforce and now he claims i’m the better griller. makes me do it every time but for him i’d do anything❤️” – @satcheltickel

“My Dad never grilled, I don’t ever remember seeing him even near a grill. Because he was to busy working 2 sometimes 3 jobs to support all us kids!!! But I learned by trial and error and now I am doing all the cooking. He is now in his 70’s and still has a job, I hope to be just like him.” – @jwh70

“#whyigrill because it gives us time to talk and connect.” – @tatt.n.plants

“My Dad taught me how to grill and now I do it for him whenever I get the chance.👍🏾” – @redstickrick

“My dad was a Dutch oven cooker (which I do as well) but just cooking outside is a lot of fun and reminds me of my dad!” – @chflyfisherman

“We used to cook out at least once a week all summer long … it is a great memory that I have” – @foodman0091

“❤️❤️ why do we grill for dad because when I was a child he used to grill for me so it was only right did I take care of him because he took care of me that’s what family does we must always stay strong and take care of family” – @lumber361

“My dad taught me to always wear an apron cause bbq sauce is fun and messy and your food won’t taste good unless you’re wearing it too. 😉” – @mandi_lynn2001

“Because he’s on fire for our family each and every day. Seasoning our life with his love!” – @kristyleigh11

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