“Why I Grill Everything!” By Robyn Lindars

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Top 5 Reasons I Grill Everything, including desserts, cocktails, veggies and more!

Guest blog written by Why I Grill Ambassador Robyn Lindars of GrillGirl.com

A lot of people ask, why did you get into grilling? As someone who loves food and trying new things, my life was forever changed when I discovered the joy of grilling and I wanted to evangelize the gospel of cooking over fire, which is when I started GRILLGIRL.COM.

I also try to empower people to think outside the box when grilling, and grill everything, including breakfast, dessert and cocktails because everything benefits from the flavor of smoke!

Why do I grill? Here are the 5 reasons I encourage men and women alike to get outside and grill!

  1. Grill Therapy. Grilling is way cheaper than therapy and way more fun too. I can’t think of a better stress reliever than throwing something on your grill or smoker. Being outdoors with a cold beverage in hand with the smoke wafting through the air is the most relaxing part of my day and I look forward to doing it every day!
  2. Smoke Flavor. Smoke is its own ingredient, the unsung hero of any dish you create. Adding a touch of smoke amplifies anything you cook, whether it is protein, veggies or even dessert. Similar to adding umami to a dish, smoke flavor is the ingredient that makes everything sing on your taste buds. How could you compare parboiled ribs (don’t do it!) to ribs made on your smoker? You can’t – there is no comparison!
  3. Time with Family. Cooking outdoors is an awesome activity to do with your family. I got my 5-year-old Hunter his own little grill and he thinks that is so cool. He is getting more curious about grilling and I empower him to get comfortable with the grill by letting him roast marshmallows over his grill and over the campfire. He also helps me when I throw something on the grill. My goal is that one day he will be able to create his own recipes on the grill.
  4. Less Dishes. Let’s face it y’all: grilling creates less dishes than cooking indoors if you do it the right way!
  5. The BBQ and Grilling Community. The people in the BBQ and grilling community are the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful for all the friends I’ve made through our common bond. The passion of grilling really unifies and brings people together, and the world needs more of that!

Robyn Lindars with a bloody mary.

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