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Guest blog written by Why I Grill Ambassador Matthew Eads of Grillseeker.

To me, starting the morning right means starting with a small fire and big flavors. That’s right, I’m talking about grilling for breakfast. Why do I like to grill breakfast? If you’ve never fired up the grill before noon, I’m here to tell you that grilling for breakfast is a great way to gather your family together before a hectic day, create a memorable brunch for you and your friends, or simply break up the monotony of cold cereal and coffee every morning.

Breaking Breakfast Myths

Grilling is often seen as a leisure-time activity. It’s a process that can take some time, even hours if you’re smoking meat or prepping with a sous vide bath. But grilling should be an everyday activity. My new book outlines dozens of meals that can be prepped, made and served in under an hour because, despite the myth, grilling doesn’t have to be an all-day event.

There are plenty of excellent ways to grill up a fast, delicious breakfast for you and the family. Bring the skillet out to the grill and fry up some eggs and hash browns. Use a griddle attachment and create pancakes and bacon without messing up your kitchen. Add some wood to the grill and create a smoked egg and chorizo skillet. The possibilities are endless. Spend a little time the night before planning a quick breakfast with your family and then get them to join in the grilling. Aside from the flavors you’re building, what’s more important are the memories you’re creating.

Takin’ Back Brunch

Who says you’ve got to go out for brunch? Instead of driving somewhere to pay for eggs and bottomless mimosas, invite your friends over for a backyard brunch. Set up a make your own mimosa bar and talk while you grill up sausages, hash and eggs, fresh and made to order.

Start with the basics. My Steak and Sage Butter Fried Egg Recipe is always a crowd pleaser. Even better, it’s one of those recipes that looks impressive, but really only takes about 10 minutes to complete. What’s better than impressing your friends? Impressing them without working too hard!

I always believe that the act of grilling unites people, and it’s why I started the United By Flame movement. What better way to bond over brunch than to gather your friends and family around the griddle attachment on your grill and cook up a great meal together. Make sure you have enough Bloody Mary mix and mimosa fixings to go around. No one has to go anywhere to free up a table. In fact, since the grill’s already out, why not make a day of it and cook up some Butter Burgers or Grilled Romaine Steak Salad for lunch?

Pretty soon your home will be the newest and most exclusive brunch hot spot in town. And the best part? The dress code is whatever you want. Brunch is just better if everyone’s in PJs.

Balanced Breakfast

Uniting everyone around the table to start the day is one of the best parts of the breakfast ritual and one of the reasons I grill breakfast. Offering your family a chance to join in on the fun of grilling is an excellent way to ensure you all begin your day on the right foot. If it’s cold or rainy out, break out your indoor electric grill and see how quickly you’re joined by your loved ones.

Inviting your family to participate in the grilling ritual keeps you connected, fed and bonded. A balanced breakfast can also balance your family dynamic, and who could object to that? If you decide to grill up your breakfast this week or invite your friends to a backyard brunch, be sure to tag me on Instagram and let me know how it turns out.

Mornings are hectic, but that doesn’t mean they should be devoid of good food and family. Besides, nothing unites a family like the smell of freshly grilled bacon. Don’t believe me? Try it tomorrow morning and see.

Matthew Eads, Grillseeker

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