What’s Trending on the Grill in Each State?

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For most, it’s corn. For others, it’s a bit surprising.

To find out what’s trending up on the grill, HPBA looked at Google Trends data to find the #1 rising result in each state for the related query to “how to grill _____” over the past two years.

For much of the United States, corn in some variation leads backyard cooks’ curiosity with half the states trending up for the sweet treat in some form, from “how to grill corn on the cob in foil,” to “how to grill corn with the husks.”

Chicken, which requires the steady art and science of cooking to ideal temperature without drying it out, came in a distant second with seven states trending up with “how to grill chicken” searches.

But from there, it starts to get interesting.

Ocean-less states are seeking seafood info. In the heart of America, Kansas, the top trending food is lobster tails. In Illinois, it’s scallops.

What’s trending up in the biggest barbecuing states? Not barbecue. In North Carolina, “how to grill peaches” is trending the highest. For Texas, it’s pineapple.

In Pennsylvania, eggplant is the most trending ingredient on the grill, while Massachusetts was the only state trending up for filet mignon.

What’s trending in your state? Check out the list below:

Alabama:                     Lobster tails

Alaska:                        Brisket

Arizona:                       Steak

Arkansas:                    Chicken

California:                   Corn

Colorado:                    Corn on the cob in husk

Connecticut:               Lobster tails

Delaware:                   Corn

Florida:                        Corn with husks

Georgia:                      Corn on the cob in foil

Hawaii:                        Corn

Idaho:                          Corn

Illinois:                        Scallops

Indiana:                       Brats

Iowa:                           Steak

Kansas:                        Lobster tails

Kentucky:                    Asparagus

Louisiana:                    Steak

Maine:                         Corn on the cob

Maryland:                   Lobster tails

Massachusetts:           Filet mignon

Michigan:                    Corn on the cob in foil

Minnesota:                 Corn on the cob in husk

Mississippi:                 Asparagus

Missouri:                     Chicken

Montana:                    Corn

Nebraska:                    Chicken

Nevada:                       Chicken

New Hampshire:         Corn

New Jersey:                 Corn in the husk

New Mexico:               Chicken

New York:                   Corn in foil

North Carolina:           Peaches

North Dakota:             Corn on the cob

Ohio:                           Corn on the cob in foil

Oklahoma:                  Corn on the cob

Oregon:                       Steak

Pennsylvania:              Eggplant

Rhode Island:              Corn

South Carolina:           Chicken

South Dakota:             Corn on the cob

Tennessee:                  Corn in the husk

Texas:                          Pineapple

Utah:                           Chicken breast

Vermont:                     Corn

Virginia:                       Corn on the cob in foil

Washington:               Corn on the cob in foil

West Virginia:             Corn

Wisconsin:                  Corn in the husk

Wyoming:                   Pulled pork

For tips and recipes for your state’s next trending afternoon on the grill, visit www.WhyIGrill.org.

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