Hot Grill Trends for 2023

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Top 5 Grilling Trends for 2023


Winter Grilling Heats Up. Backyard cookouts are no longer a May through September affair. HPBA data show winter grilling has doubled in recent years as home chefs now consider grilling a year-round pastime. In fact, nearly one-third of grill owners plan to cook out for the Big Game.

Start to Seafood. A desire for healthier proteins in the indoor kitchen has moved into the outdoor kitchen as grillers will continue to sizzle up shrimp, salmon, scallops and other foods from the sea. In fact, even in landlocked states like Missouri, recent HPBA research found lobster was the fastest trending food found on the grill.

Global Cuisine. Backyard grills are no exception to the explosion of interest in global flavors such as Asian, Indian, Latin and African cuisine already trending in restaurants and home kitchens. Whether it’s going full on international foods or incorporating global spices and chiles into standard American fare, our palates will expand in the year ahead.

Breakfast and Brunch on the Menu. Grilling out isn’t just for dinner anymore. HPBA research has also found morning grilling has doubled in the past five years and that will only increase in 2023 as busy families increasingly carve out time together on weekend mornings to cook the most important meal of their day.

Budget Friendly Meals. Inflation will continue to put the squeeze on all our food purchases in the year ahead. But rather than give up the grill, home cooks will lean into more affordable grilling options, such as veggies – particularly bulky meal extenders like potatoes, onions and mushrooms – as well as more filling yet affordable foods such whole grains and legumes.

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