Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Grill

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Saturday, May 29 is National #BacktoBarbecue Day, one of the best days of the year to buy a new grill and stock up on accessories.

Buying a new grill of any type is an investment so it’s important to ask some specific questions before making the purchase.

How much time will I have to cook?

Each type of grill typically requires varying levels of time commitment. If you’re often on the go and hard pressed for free cooking time, consider the convenience of gas or electric grills. Love to pass the time cooking? A charcoal, smoker or kamado grill may be best for you.

What’s my budget?

Few products come in an as wide an array of price ranges as grills, meaning most anyone who wants a one can find one within their budget. If finances allow, purchasing a more premium grill will not only provide more features, but can help ensure a longer life and stronger return on your initial investment.

How much space do I have?

If you have a big backyard, consider a larger grill perhaps with a kitchen island to create a focal point for relaxation and entertaining. Premium portable or more compact grills are ideal for condos and apartments. In addition, do you frequently host large gatherings? Go big on your barbecue size to make the most of these special occasions.

What do I love to cook?

It’s an often overlooked question but, after all, we are creatures of habit who often default to the foods we love the most. Many grills come with extra features ideal for certain foods. Think rotisseries if you love a roasted chicken. Side burners if you love soups and stews. Ample space for pizza stones if you frequently crave the ‘za.

What accessories do I want and need?

Back to Barbecue Day is also time to evaluate ideal accessories. Ensure you have a good protective cover, proper cleaning tools and a working meat thermometer. It’s also a fun time to go in on new accessories that meet your cooking style; think Bluetooth temperature gauges, griddles for breakfast cooking, veggie baskets and more.

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