How to Build Your Best Backyard

Grilling Tips & Tricks

Build a backyard the whole family can enjoy. Maximize every inch of your outdoor space with these easy-to-execute upgrades.

Looking to build or update your best backyard this season? Consider these cool (and simple) ways to make the most of your entire backyard.

Put some extra flame in your space. Heat things up on your patio with a chimenea or outdoor fire table. This simple addition brings the comfort of the indoors right to your patio. Linear fireplaces offer a sleek and modern design that will make your backyard feel like an exotic getaway.

Broaden your capabilities. High-tech gadgets and quality tools can go a long way in your quest to become a barbecue master. Pizza stones, fish/broiling baskets, cedar planks, rotisseries, and grill woks are among the most popular accessories.

Literally turn your backyard into a new room. Convert your patio into the Man Cave or She Shed you always wanted. Add a movie screen, hang up mirrors or waterproof artwork, install speakers and a daybed for serious me time or all-afternoon family relaxation.

Add a second (or third) barbecue to the mix. Loyal to charcoal or devoted to gas? Consider adding a new flame to the mix to diversify your grilling repertoire.

Transform your backyard into a full outdoor kitchen. Invest in features such as a mini-fridge, dishwasher, outdoor sinks, seating, and entertainment systems like a television and surround sound to completely optimize your best backyard.

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